Polish products of the highest quality.

Our products that we offer meet the highest international quality standards. Our food, straight from Poland, is characterized by a long tradition of products, which translates into an amazing taste and aroma that stimulates the senses of our customers. The products in our offer are marked with regional certificates, so you can be sure that they are made in accordance with the original recipe. Their quality, taste and smell refer to the long history and tradition of a given region. These are the main features of Polish food that does not contain any harmful and artificial substances.

We care about the satisfaction of our customers, so we make sure that our offer is as varied as possible. Thanks to this, we also have organic food and certified food products that cannot be found anywhere else. We know how to take care of our customers' taste buds and we know how to influence their senses so that they come back to us satisfied. We are consumers ourselves and we are aware of how important it is that the products are not only of the highest quality, but also look great on the table.

A wide range in one place.

Our offer includes many regional products that are very popular and can stimulate the senses of every customer. Thanks to this, it is so varied that everyone will find something for themselves. We work with suppliers from all over Poland, which is why we guarantee fresh food, which will certainly be a regular guest on your table. Regardless of whether you love bread, vegetables or fruit, everything in our assortment is always fresh.

Traditional Polish dumplings? Dumplings? Or maybe Polish tomatoes with unique taste? All this is available in our store. You will also find other snacks, such as crisps, which are perfect for an evening meeting with friends, as well as ready popcorn and puffs. For breakfast, we recommend Polish cheeses and bread, which will give you energy for the whole day. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our detailed offer and visit a stationary store. You will certainly find products for yourself there!

We bake fresh, fragrant buns and breads every day.

Polish bakers and their recipes for bread are among the best in the world. The amazing smell of fresh bread in the morning stimulates all the senses and resembles a Polish village where people used to be alone, in their own ovens, baked amazing and crunchy bread. Using their recipes, we also bake buns and breads, so you can always buy fresh and warm products in our store. We do not add any enhancers or chemistry as this is against our beliefs. A much better taste and aroma of bread will be obtained only thanks to the natural ingredients that make the rolls and bread so amazing.

Our offer includes the possibility of ordering products for a special occasion. If a special occasion or family event is being prepared, regional pastries cannot be missed there. You can prepare an exquisite breakfast only with bread made from healthy and fully natural ingredients. We invite you to visit us in a stationary store or to place orders online. Just contact us by calling or writing to us on Facebook. In addition, we provide a special contact form and all data is at the bottom of the page. They will also find a map with directions to our store!

Deliveries twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Polish products that we offer in our store enjoy great interest and popularity, not only among compatriots, but also residents of Sweden. Therefore, especially for you, we have a permanent supply of products and products, so that there will never be a shortage of them. Products arrive every Wednesday and Saturday. Such a great interest in Polish food only confirms that it has no equal in the world.

We also offer special orders for goods from Poland, the details of which should be agreed with us individually. If you are interested in our offer, miss Polish dishes or want to show our cuisine to Swedes living here, we invite you to do shopping! We will be happy to advise you on choosing the right ingredients for your meals, so that they come out as delicious as possible. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal!


Polska Delikatesser
Rosencrantzgatan 1
273 30 Tomelilla

In this form, you can request your favorite products that we will deliver from Poland especially for you.

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